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Welcome To a Life with More Time!

Our mission and vision constitutes of one  virtuous goal: 

"To enrich the lives of those we serve and employ." 

All of our efforts have one thing in common — a genuine caring and kindness that you can feel as soon as soon as you meet us. Our team and our clients are considered family and we’re deliriously happy when we bring more purpose, passion and joy into into their lives.


What Our Clients are Saying


“One of the biggest advantages I have experienced by outsourcing my bookkeeping with Linne and her team, is convenience– I can increase or decrease my accounting resources on a need-by-need basis. In this way, during quieter business periods or when I am traveling and have less activity in my business, I require less administrative support and bookkeeping, it is very helpful to not have to employ an office admin fulltime. On the other hand, as my business has rapidly grown, they have been able to increase my bookkeeping support to keep up with my business.”

Dr. R Clemenzi, MD

Asheville, NC

"As a busy executive, I found that I needed the expertise and professionalism

of Linne and her team to help me obtain more efficiency in my personal life.

As I’ve grown busier professionally, it has become more and more difficult to

not only set aside the necessary time but to actually take the steps needed to do so.

Linne and her team were nothing but professional,

kind and caring and gave me the tools I needed."

-Kam S., Real Estate Professional

Beverly Hills, CA

"It is very difficult to perform my best when I'm running through an endless personal task list. Now that I have top notch admin support I am better at my work!"

D. Smart, Architect

Asheville, NC

call us 

main offices: 79 Woodfin Place, Suites A&B, Asheville, NC 28801

located on the 2nd floor of the JPS Accounting Building.


“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” 

— Audrey Hepburn

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