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Linne Marie Warner

Linne started B.E.S.T. (Best Executive Support Team) when she realized there was a need for reliable bookkeepers and administrative assistance in the home offices of many people she did business with. She was approached by individuals looking to find a confidential, exclusive company to assist them with their everyday organizational needs relative to their home office environment. This is how B.E.S.T. came to fruition!


While living and working in Santa Barbara, California Linne had the incredible opportunity to act as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Non-Profit, Third Age Foundation and Third Age International.  She was honored to be asked to work with the esteemed Dr. Peter Brill, MD, physician and psychiatrist along with David Debin, Hollywood Producer-Writer; founders of the Third Age Foundation and authors of the popular book,  Finding your J Spot  which delves into the question, "What will you do with the unprecedented 30 year life bonus science and medicine have given you?" It expertly discusses the extraordinary opportunities that aging well offers. This is where she learned she had a passion for changing the view society has on the aging and why she now strives to change some of the paradigms the public has about our aging community because of their abundant life experiences and the simple fact that they can teach us much about enduring change and handling life’s challenges. "Our older generations have a great amount of wisdom and knowledge to share with us and it is so good for us to listen."

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It is not wise to do the wrong thing, but neither is it wise to do nothing.

-Joyce Meyer

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